A First Note

The fear of clashing outfits is fearful itself. Some people want to be stand out from the crowd- underscore and exaggerate their eccentricities to steal the spotlight. I have definitely been guilty of doing this myself sometimes. I’m not at all saying that it is a bad thing to be different and experimental with your style. In fact, I embrace that. But why has this desire to be seen as an individual morphed into something that can be competed for?

There’s an ongoing seek to be different for the sake of being different by forming our identities through what is materialistic. As kids, we want the latest gadgets and the newest version of Barbie which becomes our badge for being cool. It isn’t so different now that we’ve grown up, only except that we are now the dolls we once used to play dress ups with.

But the search to be seen as an individual just for the sake of standing out by defining yourself through tangible goods is limiting- you become known for something that gets thrown into the washing machine at the end of the day. There is no prize for being different unless there’s a real reason to be. Yes, what I wear can be empowering and boosts my confidence. But I don’t want my outfits to be a distraction, nor do I want them to form my identity. I want to be able to be the wearer of dresses rather than being a stiff mannequin.

I don’t see fashion as a means of forming a self-identity, but as a form of self-expression. To me, fashion creates a bridge between what I’m feeling and thinking with my physical appearance. I wear clothes that sums me up rather than adds to me.

photographer:Jennifer Aleksandroff, @giftoftwentyfour

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