DIY: Sleeping Beauty

The silk slip trend is a blessing in disguise. It’s just made it even easier to transform $2 pajamas from your local thrift store into formal wear.

Time taken: approx. 20 minutes
Skill level: Extremely easy

a) A simple, opaque chemise or an under dress slip found in your wardrobe or at an op shop.
b) scrap lace
c) sewing machine (or needle and thread)
d) scissors
e) pins
b) measuring tape or ruler

Step one: To crop the slip into a shirt, compare the slip to an existing shirt you have which goes down to your hip. After lining up the armpit area of the slip and the shirt, create a mark with chalk on the slip where the shirt ends.

Step two: Measure 1cm below the chalk mark and draw a straight line horizontally on the slip. Cut the slip whilst following this line.
Tip: If you’re afraid you can’t cut straight and you have tiles at home, align the chalk line with a grove on the floor so that it’s easier to cut.

Step three: Fold in 0.5cm of the fabric where you had just cut it. Pin down the fold and sew the hem.

Optional Step four: Depending on what type of slip you bought, you can choose to decorate the top edge with lace. I did this buy measuring how long the neckline was using the lace and added 0.5cm to the length. I then cut out strips of lace to fit on the neckline and pinned it in place before sewing.

Step five: Wear it to sleep, roll out of bed, throw on some earrings and a long skirt, and voila! Go out the door whilst channelling Elvira Hancock-esque vibes.


Hoop Earrings with Bar, similar found here

Bardot laced shoes

Strappy lace bralet, similar found here

Original slip dress found at Salvos

ย Self-made skirt



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    thank you for your guide. it’s very lovely ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Such cool DIY!

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

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