DIY: White Lace Gloves

Veiled behind the glitter and glamour of weddings is an enormous amount of waste. My mother is a wedding dressmaker and it has always surprised me how much fabric can end up being sent to landfills. Metres of silk, organza, and lace get discarded because they’re simply not large enough to create an entire new wedding dress. However, these scraps that my mother brings home is more than enough for me to get creative and experiment around with.


This DIY project is extremely simple, yet some dressmakers can charge around $150 AUD for one pair of bridal lace gloves. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Finding the right fabric: Using a heavy lace fabric with a three-dimensional texture, such as corded lace, will work best to create these bridal lace gloves. You will also want to look for lace with triangular patterns, such as scalloped lace. Here is an image of the original fabric which I used. I had cut out the two triangular shapes that you see on either side of the image. 

2. Sewing on clear elastic: I noticed that a lot of the bridal lace gloves sold on Etsy or other stores online often used ribbons to keep the lace in place. However, I found that the gloves kept slipping out of place when it was only held by ribbon.

To overcome this problem, I used clear, flat elastic. Using this elastic, I created a loop for around my middle finger and a larger loop for around my wrist and stitched them onto the lace by hand.

3. Sewing on the ribbons: Whilst the ribbons are not secure on its own, I still love the dainty and ballerina-like effect the ribbon bows have. I stitched a 10cm piece of ribbon on either side of the lace a bit below the clear elastic around my wrist.

And here are the final results:


Maria xx


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