Living Minimally: Blackheath

With the forever-soaring prices of real estate in some countries including Australia, it may seem impossible for millennials to purchase their first home. Instead of choosing to display their affluence through the size of their homes, many millennials choose to show their wealth through the abundance of avo-toasties they eat on Instagram. From an environmental perspective, this is not so much of a bad thing; the housing affordability crisis is pushing us to rethink how we can live clutter-free, minimal lifestyles.

Recently, Jandy and I headed off to the Blue Mountains in Australia to live in a tiny secluded tree house for half a week in Blackheath on a property known as ‘Happy Daze‘. It was a beautiful wooden cabin with plenty of windows that allowed us to capture little pockets of sunshine all throughout the day. It was a well-needed break that allowed me to sink into idleness without guilt. Our languid mornings seeped into our afternoons as we made breakfast and enjoyed our food in the stillness of the foggy mornings. We explored little antique stores around Blackheath and Katoomba, enjoying our second round of coffees at places like ParagonΒ and at the Victory Theatre Antique Centre.Β Β To end the day, we meandered amongst the clouds of yellow wattles surrounding our tree house until we would find a lookout of the Grose Valley to watch the sunset.

Since we had arrived in Blackheath via train, we didn’t want to be carrying around too much so we both just brought a bag each. Β In the midst of the housing affordability crisis here in Australia, this trip really reminded me of how little we actually need to live.




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